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Grow Your Business and Earn a Trip to Hawaii

Grow your Organizational Volume over the next 5 months to earn your way to Hawaii. As an added bonus for growing your business you could also earn spending money for the trip! We have two different ways you can qualify – by Organizational Volume and Rank Advancement/Maintenance!

Incentive Qualification Period:
October 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017

Travel Dates:
Pro 1 – 6: May 5 – 9, 2017
Pro 7 – 9: May 3 – 9, 2017
Pro 10: May 1 – 9, 2017

Option One – Volume

The first way to earn your way to Hawaii and be eligible to receive spending cash is to grow your total Organizational Volume (OV) from October 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017. In order to determine the starting point of OV, LifeVantage will take an average of your OV from June, July, and August of 2016. By growing your organization you will be eligible to join LifeVantage on the Incentive trip portion of this promotion.

Accumulative Volume Cash Incentive Number of Attendees Earned for Trip Airfare*
25,000 $0 1 Coach
50,000 $750 2 Coach
100,000 $1,500 2 Coach
150,000 $2,000 2 Coach
200,000 $3,000 2 Upgraded
300,000+ $7,500 2 Upgraded
  • *LifeVantage will cover up to $800/person in coach airfare for those who earn coach. If a Distributor earns the upgraded airfare, LifeVantage will cover up to $1500/person.

If you are an existing PRO 7 or higher, maintain your rank as outlined above and complete the OV growth requirements, you will be eligible to receive the cash bonus in addition to earning the incentive trip.

You must grow your OV with proper leg balance* (see example below) to qualify for the incentive portion of the Hawaii trip.

Leg One Leg Two Leg Three Total Growth
15,000 OV (60%) 7,500 OV (30%) 2,500 OV (10%) 25,000 OV
  • *The maximum percent of Volume you may count from one leg in your organization is 60/30/10

Option Two – Rank

Our Elite and Master Distributors can qualify for this trip by completing the following requirements in regard to Rank Maintenance and Advancement:

Rank Rank Advancement
NEW PRO 7 Achieve PRO 7 and maintain for 1 or more months or Rank Advance to PRO 8 during the qualification period.
Existing PRO 7s and above** Maintain your highest achieved rank for 5 out of 8 (July – February) of the months during the qualification period OR advance to the next Pro Rank.
  • **If the above requirements are met, the distributor will be eligible to receive the “experience” of the rank they met the qualifications for. For example: Bob is a PRO 8. Bob maintains being paid at PRO 8 for 2 months, PRO 7 for 3 months, and PRO 6 for 3 months. Bob would qualify for the PRO 7 experience.

Terms & Conditions

  • LifeVantage Incentive Policy: All LifeVantage incentive trips are always based on 2 individuals per position (unless otherwise indicated). This would include the individual listed on the account plus a guest. Many times this would include a spouse. It could also include a business partner. If there are multiple names on an account other individuals that hold a partnership on that account would have the potential of purchasing access to these trips through LifeVantage.
  • During the last month of the Promotion, Distributor will be required to have a minimum 3000/1500/500 in volume increase above their baseline for the month February.
  • Qualifying positions are non-transferable, and are only valid for those listed on the account.
  • Cash Incentive Bonuses will be paid out when the distributor arrives at the destination. If you do not travel you will forfeit the Cash Incentive Bonus.
  • For all qualifiers, if not redeemed within 30 days of end of the promotion, you will forfeit your cash and trip reward.
  • All additional policies and procedures must be followed for rank advancement.
  • Distributorship must be in good standing at the time of travel or trip will be forfeited.
  • Airfare credit will vary based on qualifications and will be reimbursed upon submitting receipt. Flights will be reimbursed based on the actual cost, but will not exceed the earned $800 or $1500 (for the upgraded airfare) allotted.
  • No substitute or cash equivalent will be rewarded if the trip is not redeemed.
  • Business Centers 2 and 3 are eligible for the Incentive trip and Cash Incentive dollars. However, only one prize in total can be earned per distributorship who currently has 3 Business Centers.
  • LifeVantage reserves the right to change this promotion at any time, interpret the rules of the Incentive Trip, and has final decision in the event any disputes regarding the qualification requirements, and inclusions.
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